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Tom Hiddleston trying and failing not to laugh (aka the most adorable thing in all the Nine Realms)


And I’ll do anything to make you stay.

whouffle in every episode: the bells of saint john
“under my protection.


I do that trick quite a lot, sometimes twice a day


I took a look at myself and said I was going nowhere holding on, but then I looked into your eyes and saw your smile, and my heart just felt those feelings like the first time it did, all over again. 


Doctor Who OTP   Eleven x Clara, Whouffle


Doctor Who Countdown

20 days until who: Favorite ship

Doctor Who + Souffle girl = Whouffle


The Doctor and Clara go on a date on some version of Paris…make up your own caption. (Just trying to maintain my promise to post more “fluff” for the non-NSFW crowd…)

I still take requests, no matter how crazy they sound (bet you never thought I’d complete that turkey-totd-sex scene, didja?)…